A marketing agency helping organizations ignite their company brand culture.

A marketing agency helping organizations ignite their company brand culture.

A strong brand culture helps keep and attract the right talent, increase loyalty and brand advocacy and generate higher productivity levels.

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One Spark Can Ignite A Movement

Brand Culture

Define It. Flaunt It. Live It.

Your Company Culture should be as distinct as your Brand.

• Do you have a true Vision, Mission & Promise?
• Do your people live your Core Values?
• How do you build Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?

Employee Engagement

Build Brand Champions.

Engage and excite your employees and they become unstoppable.

• Do you have strong Employee Communication?
• How are you engaging your Hybrid Workforce?
• Using Social Media to foster brand champions?

Recruitment & Retention

Boost Loyalty & Interest.

Attract and keep talented people to take the organization even further.

• Do you have an Employee Recognition Program?
• Are you Developing your People for success?
• Do you want to fill open positions faster?

Have You Made the

Culture-Brand Connection?

Core Values are the cornerstone of your company culture.


Only 1 in 10 HR leaders believe that 80% or more of employees could recite core values.

An attractive Company Culture is a huge recruiting asset!


Of American workers would turn down the perfect job offer if they felt the culture wasn’t a good fit.

Employee Engagement is a direct byproduct of company culture.


Businesses with highly engaged people experience 59% less turnover. Engagement keeps talent happy!

Awaken Your Brand Culture!

We’re passionate about working with companies who believe in cultivating a unique organizational culture that is both aligned and integrated with a strong brand identity.

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